In her own words:


My name is Neon Hitch (yes, my hippy parents actually put that on my birth certificate).

I’m English, though I’m not really from any town in particular.

I grew up on a bus traveling the world as a street performer and trapeze artist.

I make my own clothes and believe rules were made to be broken.

At 16, I ran away to India and lived there for a while, which gave me some amazing stories to tell my grandchildren… Then I decided to do something with my life, so I took up singing and writing songs about my adventures.

I went back to London and got to tour with The Streets, Neneh Cherry, Professor Green and open for 50 Cent, all before I had a song out.

Somehow, my insane ambitions brought me to New York, where I met my manager James Johnson and his producer Benny Blanco… and decided there was no one better to do my album with.

I’ve worked with Imogen Heap, Ke$ha, Mike Posner, 3OH!3, Bruno Mars, Jason Derulo, Cathy Dennis, Greg Kirsten, Ryan Tedder, Rivers Coumo (Weezer), David Brook, Sky Ferreira…
Then one day I had a session with the amazing Kara DioGuardi, who ended up signing me to Warner Brothers!

Right now, me and Benny are making my album ‘Beg Borrow and Steal.’

I hope you like it!

In OUR words:

There’s certainly no shortage of hit songs today, but how many truly distinctive, iconic, still-going-to-be-around-in-10-years artists can you name? How many artists would you actually pay to see live? Can anyone really tell the difference between Jason Derulo, Taio Cruz, and IYAZ? Having spent the last few weeks thinking Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” was, in fact, by IYAZ, we think not.

Well, Neon Hitch has the hits – there’s no question about that. But when you hear her on the radio (and trust us, she will be saturating the airwaves), there will be no doubt who you’re listening to. When you see her in a crowd, she will be making a statement. This girl has it going on, and we’re convinced she’s going to be one of the biggest breakouts the 2000s has seen.

You’ll have to wait a bit longer for her debut album, but we suggest wetting your appetites with “Follow Me Down,” her collaboration with 3OH!3 (listen below). The song was included on “Almost Alice,” the soundtrack for “Alice In Wonderland,” and we’re not exaggerating when we say it has one of the most addictive hooks we’ve heard… EVER!

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