Publisher: Cherry Lane/BMG

For fans of: Kevin Rudolf, David Guetta, Frederic Riesterer,, The Bloody Beetroots

Releases: “Red Cup (I Fly Solo )” – Cash Cash Red Cup (I Fly Solo) [feat. Lacey Schwimmer & Spose] - Single - Cash Cash

The scoop: Only two years ago, Dan Omelio and Brandon Lowry met while working as session musicians at the same Midtown Manhattan hip-hop studio. Today, they comprise one of the industry’s most talked about emerging production/songwriting teams: ROBOPOP.

The classically trained musicians initially teamed up on projects related to the studio: making beats, writing for artists, etc. However, it soon became clear that the two shared a creative spark worth exploring beyond the confines of their workplace. With Dan on drums, guitar, and bass and Brandon on keys and engineering, they started to collaborate on a variety of outside projects, demonstrating that they can navigate seamlessly through the pop, rock, hip-hop, dance, and indie worlds. It was also around this time, as luck would have it, that Cherry Lane Music Publishing (The Black Eyed Peas, John Legend, Jordin Sparks) held a song pitch competition, giving the duo the chance to work on pitches for Leona Lewis and Cobra Starship.

Between the pitch contest and all the other projects it had worked on, ROBOPOP amassed a collection of material whose richness in both quality and diversity landed it a publishing deal with Cherry Lane in October 2009, and the company wasted no time in pursuing opportunities for its new signing. To date, the team has worked with Cash Cash (Universal Republic), Samuel (Columbia), Justin Nozuka (Glassnote), Days Difference (Universal Records), and Stephen Jerzak (Universal Republic), as well as a slew of buzzing unsigned acts. Furthermore, it has enjoyed song placements with the likes of MTV and Captain Morgan’s.

Having already contributed to a number of notable projects, and with more coming down the pipeline, ROBOPOP is poised to have a breakout year in 2011. The team is currently working on music for the feature film “Love Lies and Seeta” and preparing to write on major projects for Jordin Sparks (Jive) and Neon Hitch (Warner Bros.), offering just a glimpse into what is bound to be a busy and exciting year for the NYC-based duo.

Start with:

“Make It Better” – The Knocks (ROBOPOP Remix)

The Knocks – Make It Better (ROBOPOP Remix) by ROBOPOP

“Red Cup (I Fly Solo )” – Cash Cash

Cash Cash – Red Cup (I Fly Solo ) ft. Lacey Schwimmer & Spose by ROBOPOP

One Response to ROBOPOP (Production/Songwriting Team)

  1. Felix says:

    Dear Robopop, Dan and Bran that is, right? I came to know you produced the Lana del Rey Album (and musically did a great job!!), and read your article @ soundonsound, which is quite informative… Now let’s get down to the little more sad part… Quite a lot of listeners complained about the album’s sonic quality (have a look at amazon).

    I love the LDR disc and maybe you want to look at what I’m currently working on, “tweaking” it’s sound…
    (The Lana del rey (Re-)Mastering story)

    It is a great album, without any doubt, that should deserve a more dynamic sonic quality…

    If you want to be the nicest producers in the world, you would tell me your compressor settings for the album, so I can post them on my page an make many Lana fans very happy…

    All the best, Felix

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