Whether it be as solo artists or as members of Shytown, Eric Johnson and Danny Jacobson have opened for an impressive list of artists in their relatively short careers: The Roots, Soulja Boy, Demi Lovato…

And soon, they’ll be able to add Cory Monteith of FOX’s smash “Glee” to that list.

Shytown has landed two spots opening for Bonnie Dune, the new buzz band consisting of Cory Monteith, Justin Wilczynski (who co-starred with Montheith on the MTV series “Kayla”), Seth Roberts, Joshua Kerr, and Jason Massey.

If the reception that Bonnie Dune received earlier this year at its first-ever show at The Roxy is any indication of what’s to come, this arrangement is sure to put Shytown on a lot of people’s radar.

If you’re in SoCal, this is your chance to get out and see Shytown while it’s still early – with the way things are going, we’re convinced the duo won’t be unsigned for much longer. See below for show info!


Mar. 13 – La Jolla, CA – University of California, San Diego (The Loft)

Apr. 23 – Los Angeles, CA – University of Southern California (Tommy’s Place)

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