Kid Savant has released the official music video for “4 Years.”

Dubbed “the world’s first free fall concept music video,” it was actually inspired by a simple event: When the band members were in Indiana visiting their families for Thanksgiving, a plate dropped and broke. This sparked the idea of shooting a music video based on falling objects. The idea of falling objects led to the idea of skydiving, which was narrowed even further to focus on the free falling aspect of skydiving and highlighting its paradox: Skydivers move at 150 mph, but at relative speed, it’s as if they’re floating.

Once the band settled on the skydiving/free falling concept, it went all out in bringing the video to life. Lead singer Ryan Weisberger underwent intensive training to become a fully licensed skydiver, and the band pitched the concept to Emmy Award-winning aerial cinematographers Greg Gasson and Joe Jennings, who jumped on board to lend their talents. Apart from Gasson and Jennings, however, the project was largely a DIY effort, with the band producing, writing, and directing the video itself.

The hard work that went into actualizing such an ambitious idea clearly payed off. Shot in (and above) the Arizona desert, the video takes viewers on an ethereal four minute journey, and its creativity, intricacy, and production value easily separate it from the videos we’re used to seeing from most unsigned artists. If the band was trying to use its first video to make a statement and to set the stage for the outside-the-box thinking that can be expected from future releases, mission accomplished.

“4 Years” is the first single off Kid Savant’s upcoming debut EP “Drop It on the Stereo,” due out in October 2011. In the meantime, the band is making the single available on a pay-what-you-what basis for 30 days. Click HERE to download!

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  1. coodles says:

    BRILLIANT, just brilliant

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