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Rehan Dalal entered our radar shortly after releasing his four-song debut EP, “Traces.” Now, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter has his very first full-length album in the works. But with more songs come more studio, sessions musician, and producer fees. And then there’s the matter of marketing the finished product. Good thing we live in the age of crowdfunding!

To help make his album a reality, Dalal has set up a crowdfunding campaign for the project, and he needs your help. But “help” isn’t limited to donations – simply spreading the word on your social media pages can make a difference. And this isn’t a one-way street — Dalal plans to hold contests and offer other goodies as a “thank you” for those who get involved. For more information, watch the campaign video that he made below, and visit the the campaign site.

One Response to Help Rehan Dalal Record an Album

  1. Delayna Case says:

    LMAO…. u’ve got a great cense of humour ! Very cute … but at same time smart idea. Can I make a suggestion… might want 2 throw in the word ‘ invest ‘ or ‘ investment ‘ U could say …. for those of u who can help me out … with a donation u could think of it as an investment that will pay off with down the road.. I love the idea about going 2 peoples houses 2 play … parties that kind of thing …. write them a song …. pretty cool idea. I’m going through some hard times now …got sent home from work / without pay in Aug….. its complicated my employer claiming I walked off job so that disentitles me to ANY aid. Enough of that though when I get that mess straightened out I definitely would like to help u out. Going 2 keep u in my sights don’t always need money 2 help out. I know a guy with a studieo that u could record stuff …really cheap …. possibly free: only prob its in Hamilton and amature but better than nothing. Lots of new bands / singers use him 2 record amature cds. Another friend of mine …. his nephew is the basis in The Midway State. Let me know if u think any of these ideas might b of interest 2 u. Have a great day sweetie. : )

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