Title: “Remixed” Remixed - EP - Eddie Cohn

Artist: Eddie Cohn

Label: Self-released

Released: 10/11/11

What to know: “Remixed” features five electronic remixes of songs that first appeared on Cohn’s latest full-length album, “Stay with Me.” While he regularly works in the genre, Cohn really amped up the electro flare on this release by enlisting the help of remixers/producers/songwriters/scorers Dan Silver (whose credits include “Tropic Thunder,” “District 9,” “Hawaii FIVE-0,” “Entourage,” and “Gossip Girl”) and Greg Downs. The EP has been selected by iTunes as a “New and Noteworthy” release on the store’s Singer/Songwriter page, and Cohn has made the first single, “Lights On (Dan Silver Remix),” available as a freebie — click HERE to download!


  • “Lights On (Dan Silver Remix)”
  • “Stay With Me (Greg Downs Remix)”
  • “Give Love A Photograph (Dan Silver Sessions Remix)”

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