For fans of: Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Timbaland

Releases: Pending

Take note:

  • Former member of production team TheSoundCrate, which won a K-OS remix contest sponsored by Indaba Music for its remixes of K-OS’s “4 3 2 1″ and “Burning Bridges.” This lead to both remixes being included on K-OS’s albums “Yes It’s Yours! (Fan Remix Album)” and “Yes! (Deluxe Edition).” Furthermore, the “Burning Bridges” remix was featured on K-OS’s album “Yes! (Special Edition).”
  • Featured on one of Indaba Music’s profile CDs for his own remix of K-OS’s “4 3 2 1.”
  • Produced Kay’s “Bang Bang.” The track was featured on a promo CD for Roxy and contributed to the buzz that lead to Kay signing a major label deal with Interscope Records.
  • Received airplay on UBC’s “Hot Mess” radio show.
  • Covered by Youthink Magazine.

Listen to:

“Chasing Pavements (Moiez Babar Remix)” – Adele

Adele – Chasing Pavements (Moiez Babar Remix) by Moiez

“All the Right Moves (Moiez Babar Remix)” – OneRepublic

All The Right Moves (Moiez Babar Remix) – One Republic by Moiez

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