Label: 2101 Records/Universal Music

For fans of: Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, Rick Springfield

Releases: Pending

The scoop: Back in early 2009, brother and sister Jet and Bri Geraci, then recording under the name Grove Hill, had recently made the move to Los Angeles and were hustling to find an audience for the band’s just-completed first round of demos. What the brand new pop/rock/dance act may have lacked in buzz, it made up for in everything else. Early releases — with their 80s influence and quirky-yet-mainstream appeal — were instantly compelling. The “it” factor was definitely present, and there was no doubt that this band would be going places.

Flash forward three years later. Jet and Bri’s younger brother Matt has joined the band, and the trio goes by the name Talkback. But that’s not the half of it. Talkback is officially one of the first signings to RedOne’s new label, 2101 Records.

Music runs through the siblings’ veins — their father, Sonny Geraci, had several hits in the 60s and 70s as lead singer of The Outsiders and Climax. Growing up, Jet, Bri, and Matt each dabbled in music individually, but the story really begins when Jet and Bri joined forces while in high school. After graduating and moving from Chagrin Falls, Ohio to Los Angeles in pursuit of the big time, the duo began playing the LA club scene, drawing high praise from writers that were lucky enough to catch a show. Most importantly, Johnny Powers of RedOne Productions came across its MySpace profile and was duly impressed. Since then, Matt, who was previously still in high school, was finally able to join his brother and sister in LA. With Matt as its newest addition, the band changed its name, adopted a more teen-friendly sound, and was introduced to RedOne by Powers. And RedOne must have loved what he heard, because it didn’t take long for the super producer to snatch up the band as one of the first signings to 2101 Records, his new joint venture with Universal Music. But wait! There’s more! Cash Money Records felt strongly enough about the band to jump on board to help launch and promote it.

The story is just beginning to unfold with Talkback, and we expect very big things ahead. Check back here for all the latest on the band, including news on its debut album, which it has been working on for the last year with Powers and is sure to carry RedOne’s coveted production stamp.

Start with:

“Laugh Laugh” (Official Music Video)

2 Responses to Talkback

  1. EJ says:

    Talkback is a group with REAL Talent, they not only can rip covers LIVE better then the original bans – but the new music they released is super dope and will catch very quick. 9000 plays in 3 days on the video is also not so bad :) keep working hard guys!!! There is not reason this group shouldn’t be massive by summer!

  2. Jimmy says:

    Is this a joke?

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