neulore 2

Neulore, which we featured as an unsigned pick in November 2011, has signed a major label deal with Chop Shop/Island Records.

The deal is a match made in Heaven for a band as moody, story-driven, and cinema-inspired as Neulore; Chop Shop founder Alexandra Patsavas built a reputation as one of the top music supervisors in the industry before branching out by starting her own label and partnering with Island Records.

Make no mistake, though, Neulore packs the punch needed to extend its reach beyond setting the perfect mood in a TV show or movie. To that end, the band has been making inroads on various fronts since getting signed. In addition to enjoying a number of sync placements (including on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”), it just wrapped up a tour opening for Ingrid Michaelson and is impacting AAA radio with “Shadow of a Man,” the first single off its debut album, “Animal Evolve.”

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