the score 6

The Score, which we featured as an unsigned pick in July 2012, has signed a major label deal with Republic Records.

The deal comes after the band’s song “Oh My Love” was used by UK supermarket chain ASDA in an ad campaign celebrating its 50th anniversary.

“Oh My Love” instantly resonated with audiences; within days of the campaign’s launch, the song charted on Shazam (peaking at #2 on the “United Kingdom Top 100” chart), Spotify (peaking at #1 on the “United Kingdom Viral 50” chart), and iTunes (peaking at #4 on the “United Kingdom Pop” chart).

Suffice to say, Republic has a ton of momentum to work with, and we expect it will only be a matter of time until “Oh My Love” blows up worldwide like it has in the UK.

Keep an ear out for “Oh My Love” on stateside radio, and check out the ASDA commercial that helped break The Score below!

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