Few things beat the melding of great television and great music – a combination whose power FOX clearly understands.

The network has been on a marketing blitz to build awareness for “Fringe” and its move to Friday nights (starting TONIGHT at 9 p.m. with an all-new episode) and created this video to do just that.

The video recaps the storyline of the parallel universes, the two Olivias, and the infiltration of “our” side by “their” Olivia (who managed to switch places with “our” Olivia), with a focus on Olivia and Peter’s relationship and how the switch impacted it. To help set the atmosphere, FOX turned to “Echos” by London-based band Klaxons – a perfect fit considering the song’s lyrics (“echoes from the other world turn horizons into endless ever present“).

Our inner sci-fi geek is spazzing out.

In a recent EW post, Jeff Jensen had the following to say about the choice of Klaxons and how the band and its music relate to “Fringe:”

“I’m impressed with choice of Klaxons, whose sensibility seems very Fringe. This is a band whose musical style has been described as “acid rave sci-fi punk funk,” that gives their albums names that could double as titles of Fringe episodes (Myths of the Near Future; Surfing The Void) and is prone to referencing William Burroughs and Thomas Pynchon in their songs. Sounds like my new favorite band.”

Like what you hear? Then click HERE to download “Echos” by Klaxons on iTunes.

On another note, it appears that the show’s return tonight will have a strong musical theme – Christopher Lloyd guest stars as the keyboardist of fictional 70s band Vilot Sedan Chair, a musical hero to Walter. Furthermore, the show’s producers have launched a creative tie-in based on this storyline: they created a vinyl album for the band called “Seven Suns,” hid clues and spoilers within the lyrics, and shipped it to select independent records stores across the US for fans to find and geek out over.

“Fringe” is in a fragile position at the moment, and TV pundits predict that the ratings it receives following its move to Fridays could determine its fate within the next few weeks. It’s one of the few intellectually-stimulating, mind-bending, suspenseful shows left on television, and we urge you to starting watching it if you’ve been missing out. Worried you’re too far behind? Don’t be – the show is only in it’s 3rd season. Get caught up for free on Hulu, or buy the DVDs if you want access to all the extras. Either way, you WILL become addicted and thank us for turning you on to your new favorite show. You don’t want to live in a world where all you can find on the major networks is the mindlessness of shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “Two and a Half Men”, do you?! Well, now is the time to take a stand – support quality television.

Catch “Fringe” in its new Friday time slot TONIGHT at 9 p.m. on FOX, and check out the below video promoting its move to Fridays (anyone who watches the show should appreciate the cleverness of relating the “Friday night death slot” to “reanimation”). :)

One Response to FOX Releases “Fringe” Music Video: “Echoes!”

  1. Cathy says:

    Great article about a great show! I absolutely LOVE Fringe! Can’t wait for its return tonight.

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