Matthew Phillips might be best known as the frontman of electro-pop band KITES, but as of late, he has also been busy blogging over at The Huffington Post.

Blogging has become increasingly common among artists who are keen to communicate with their fans outside of their lyrics. With millions of internet users going online everyday to get their news, shop, or play games like, it’s easier than ever for artists to reach fans on a mass scale. Blogs allow for more in-depth discussion than do shorter posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, bringing a valuable dimension to the artist/fan exchange.

Phillips, however, has taken a different approach to blogging when compared to that of the average artist; he’s not blogging on his own band’s site. Rather, he bagged himself a regular slot over at The Huffington Post. That said, he has been sticking to the subjects he knows best: Music and performance. His first post, “I Think I Smell a Rat,” takes a look at the nature of music reviews, while subsequent posts have discussed the importance of presentation in performance and the virtues of using proper grammar in songwriting.

While Phillips has already proven himself to be a particularly capable frontman, his foray into blogging has shown that he also possesses a tremendous amount of savvy with respect to what goes on beneath the surface in the music industry. In other words, there’s a method in his madness. Using The Huffington Post as an outlet for his musings not only lets fans in on his process, but also exposes both Phillips and KITES to potential new fans in the form of the site’s massive reader base. Other artists looking to establish themselves would be wise to take note of this strategy.

Phillips’s Huffington Post page can be found HERE.

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