ayah marar

Ayah Marar, who still releases her solo material through her own label, Hustle Girl, has cultivated a formidable presence in the underground dance scene through a fiercely independent approach. Now, the underground sensation is entering the mainstream in a big way with “Thinking about You,” a collaboration with Calvin Harris.

Marar’s relationship with Harris goes way back – the two used to be roommates and collaborated on several of Harris’s earlier tracks. However, both of their careers have reached new heights since then. “Thinking about You” is the final single off Harris’s latest album, “18 Months” (which also spawned hits like “Feel So Close,” “Sweet Nothing” feat. Florence Welch, and “I Need Your Love” feat. Ellie Goulding), and is the duo’s most successful collaboration to date. Since its release, “Thinking about You” has peaked at #2 on the UK Dance Chart and reached the top 10 on various other European charts.

Watch the official music video below, and click HERE to download “Thinking about You” on iTunes!

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