Graffiti6 has released the official music video for “Stare into the Sun,” the soulful follow-up to first single “Annie You Save Me,” both from the band’s upcoming debut album “Colours.”

While “Stare into the Sun” isn’t slated for release until September 27, it garnered the band some attention last summer when it was used in an ad campaign for The Sun newspaper and ignited a major blog buzz this summer, helping Graffiti 6 reach the #1 position on The Hype Machine in June. Not only did The Sun decide to use the track again in a 2010 summer ad campaign, but Heineken also selected it for a recent campaign.

The music video, which incorporates visuals from genius artist Jimi Crayon, is a perfect representation of the band’s colorful, psychedelic, hypnotic, brand of pop.

One Response to Graffiti6 Releases “Stare into the Sun” Music Video

  1. “Stare Into the Sun” is my Swell Tune, today:
    Because the sky in Moscow is the same colour as the pavement and has been for two months. God, I miss summer.

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