ROBOPOP + Benny Blanco + Ammar Malik + Adam Levine = A force to be reckoned with.

The first time these four got together, the result was Gym Class Heroes’ infectious “Stereo Hearts” (feat. Adam Levine), which reached #1 on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart and landed ROBOPOP an ASCAP Pop Music Award in the “Among the Most Performed Songs of 2011″ category (the first of what is sure to be many awards for ROBOPOP).

Now they’re back with more magic: Maroon 5′s equally infectious and sure-fire smash “Payphone” (feat. Wiz Khalifa), which is currently #1 on iTunes.

While much of the team that worked on “Stereo Hearts” reunited on “Payphone,” there was also some new blood thrown into the mix: Shellback and Wiz Khalifa. Furthermore, not everyone’s role was the same this time around. ROBOPOP co-produced “Stereo Hearts,” but took on co-writing responsibilities for “Payphone,” showing a prowess that can traverse all stages of a hit song’s production.

Click HERE to download “Payphone” on iTunes, and check out the official lyric video below!

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